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The Underworld Bastion - LEGO Minecraft

The Underworld Bastion - LEGO Minecraft

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Boys and girls aged 8 and up who love Minecraft will love this LEGO Minecraft Underworld Bastion (21185) set. This fun toy lets them experience action-packed adventures as they build and play imaginative role-play.

The LEGO set contains a number of Minecraft figures: a nether adventurer, magma cube, piglin brute, piglin and a lava rider. There are special features, such as an explosion function to detonate TNT with a lever. Features authentic accessories kids will recognize from the game, including a bright red carrot, ghostly mushroom, gilded blackstone, nether herb, red mushroom, soul flares, gold blocks, nether gold ore and soul fire, plus weapons (a golden axe, crossbow and netherite sword), TNT , a fishing rod and a treasure chest containing netherite scrap, iron nuggets and pork. Players make their way to the underworld bastion and complete challenges to collect items. Just like in the Minecraft game, kids can rearrange the set for different adventures.

With LEGO Minecraft sets, kids experience the familiar game in a different way and can bring their favorite characters and places to life through creative building with LEGO bricks. Surprise children aged 8 and older with this fun construction toy for a birthday, Christmas or any other celebration. Dimensions: the set is approx. 9 cm high, 19 cm wide and 18 cm deep
Contains 300 parts

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