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Flower Bouquet-LEGO Creator Expert

Flower Bouquet-LEGO Creator Expert

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It's so nice to give or receive a bunch of flowers. If you want to give a different kind of bouquet, the LEGO Flower Bouquet (10280) for adults is an interesting option. Whether you're giving this buildable bunch of flowers to a loved one or you're looking for your next creative project yourself: escape the daily worries and make something beautiful. When finished, this impressive bouquet will add a touch of color and coziness to any room. Thanks to the adjustable stems, you can easily adapt the bouquet to different vases.

Every detail of the artificial flower bouquet is made of LEGO parts that you can customize for a unique result. Most LEGO flowers have petals that you can attach differently, so you can make all kinds of different bouquets in a fun way. Take the stems apart and combine them to adjust the height and shape of the flowers. Make bouquets like an accomplished florist!

This set is part of the LEGO Botanical Collection for home decor and contains a number of parts made from plant-based plastic, produced from sustainably grown sugar cane. This LEGO Flower Bouquet Set for adults makes a great birthday or Christmas present for a friend or loved one.

The stems have different lengths. The snapdragon, for example, with its straight stem, has a length of approx. 36 cm.

Contains 756 bricks.

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