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In the Shadow of Arishem-LEGO Eternals

In the Shadow of Arishem-LEGO Eternals

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Bring together all the fun elements from the Marvel Studios The Eternals movie in one fantastic LEGO Marvel toy set In The Shadow of Arishem (76155) Marvel building toys for kids aged 7 and up will find Eternal superhero figures, with a Deviant and a Celestial facing each other in a confrontation of cosmic proportions.

Together with 4 Eternals, children join forces to defeat a Deviant bat figure. The Eternals have cool superpowers: Ajak is the only one who can communicate with the powerful aliens, the Celestials; Sersi can transform matter into whatever she wants; Ikaris is superhumanly strong, and Kingo can fire Earth energy. And, if you want to gift this 7-year-old kid's toy to a minifigure fan, this awesome LEGO set is the only one to include the Ajak and Kingo minifigures! The set also includes a posable Celestial figure that can hold an Eternal minifigure in his hand.

LEGO Marvel building sets are unique toy sets with cool characters that stimulate children's imagination and fun and let them enjoy endless role-play. They also make great Marvel birthday or Christmas gifts for any LEGO fan!

The Celestial figure is approx. 30cm tall.

Contains 493 bricks.

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